What I Really Mean When I Say No

Her cell phone suddenly rings, jarring her awake. She peeks at the screen and sees the name of one of her dearest friends. Her phone so rarely rings that she's not sure whether to answer it or not. She only has two options, answer or leave it. She has been in this situation so many … Continue reading What I Really Mean When I Say No

Breathe! Just Breathe!

I approached the entrance with only¬†one task in mind. I needed to purchase my final Christmas gift and then I would be done. I was grinning because I knew there would be so many frantic last-minute shoppers and I was so glad I wasn't going to be one of them. With a bit of excitement, … Continue reading Breathe! Just Breathe!

Happiness, the Alphabet, and You!

For the previous 26 days, you have read posts focused on a central theme, The Alphabet of Happiness. Each letter of the alphabet brought new words and suggestions for why you should pursue happiness in your life and how you can go about doing it. My hope is that you will find at least one … Continue reading Happiness, the Alphabet, and You!

Tips From a Master Worrier!

Do you stay up nights worrying about tomorrow or other days in your future? Do you go on vacation and find yourself worrying about everything rather than enjoying yourself? Do you find yourself easily distracted while at work because you're worrying about events outside of your work? If you answered yes to any of these … Continue reading Tips From a Master Worrier!

Managing a Riptide in Your Life!

It's a beautiful sunny and warm day at the beach. You are with friends and enjoying yourself. All of you decide to take a swim in the ocean. Running excitedly towards the water you run through the shallow water and dive into the surf. The water is warm and you begin to swim towards deeper … Continue reading Managing a Riptide in Your Life!