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6 Steps to Reach Your Goal

Whethersetting goals large or small, we all consciously or subconsciously set a variety of goals in our lives. This can be as small as getting ready in time to make a special event, to setting a weight loss goal that may take you several years to accomplish. The sheer size and length of time to reach your goal is not a predictor as to how to best reach your goal. I believe you still have to follow a few steps.

As most of you know, this is day #30 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge I began on the 1st of August. This challenge was my goal. It was something I wanted to do and that I wanted to accomplish. It has been quite awhile since I really stretched myself out to reach something that is important to me. And so, with that said, I want to share with you what I learned in the last 30 days.

6 Steps to Reach Your Goal

  • Write down your goal.
    • write down your goalsBe very specific. Write down exactly what it is that you wish to accomplish. Then, start breaking down your goal into fairly easy obtainable steps. It is important that you have some sort of plan to follow. Then, break down those steps even more. Break them down by months, weeks, days or even hours.
      • For me, I knew I was embarking on a journey to encompass 30 days. So, I wrote that down. Then, I began a list of 30 topics I could write about. This allowed me to break my goal down even further. Remember, you want to strive for easily obtainable steps.


  • Involve other people.
    • Make a list of folks who you know for certain will encourage and support you as you strive to reach your goal. This list could include a support group, mentor, teacher, church leader, family member or best friend. The key is to have several people who will support you and cheer for you in a healthy manner.
      • During this past 30 days, my greatest support team and fan base came from the 30-Day Blogging Challenge facebook group members. Not only was I enriched and educated from their individual posts, but I, in turn, benefited from their comments, suggestions, and comradery.


  • Be positive.
    • Remember this is your own personal goal/challenge. Make this something you positive.jpgare doing for yourself. Stay upbeat about what you are doing. There is always progress being made, even if it may be smaller than what you want to achieve. It’s still something to be happy about. Achievement of any kind is still an achievement.
      • As I began my 30-day challenge, I put too much pressure on myself to try and write perfectly, sound perfect and be perfect. That’s crazy talk! Every day I am able to publish another post is a day to celebrate and feel good about myself.


  • Pace Yourself.
    • Do only what you are capable of doing, refer back to the very first step listed above. Trying to do too much or accomplish too much all at once is going to leave you feeling frustrated and burnt out. Take breaks when you need to. Give yourself permission to take some time off when you need it.
      • For me, I strive to have my daily muses posted by noon each day. However, this doesn’t always happen. So if I can get it posted by midnight then I give myself permission to do so.


  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
    • don't compare yourself.jpgDo not get yourself entwined in the comparison trap! It’s no different than a mouse trap. There is no one better at being you than you (see my previous post about this subject here). Do what YOU know you are capable of doing. Celebrate YOUR very own accomplishments, regardless of what others did or think.
      • Yesterday’s post (see here), I listed my top 5 five posts of the last 30 days. I acknowledged the fact that there are many bloggers who have seen at least 1,000 times more results than I have. However, in no way did that take away from my own achievement!


  • Celebrate!
    • Take time to celebrate along the way and at the conclusion of your journey. There is a saying that states, “Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of each step you take toward reaching that goal.” Reward yourself along your journey. Every step is progress, no matter how big or small.
      • My reward came at the end of each day when I had successfully published another post. But then at the conclusion of each block of 7 days, I received a weekly “badge” from the Administrator of the facebook group recognizing and honoring my progress.

1st post award  day7 award  14 day post award  21 day post award  30-day-post-award

Please share how you accomplish/meet your goals and feel free to share your accomplishments!

I want to honor those from the facebook group who started with me and have followed me along my journey. They have been striving to reach the same goal as myself. We have encouraged each other and pushed each other for the last 30 days. Please visit their website as they are all truly wonderful writers and individuals (these are in no specific order!).
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