Those Who Feel Too Much

She sits perfectly still and is willing the thoughts in her head to go away. Urging and nagging thoughts accompanied by emotions so raw and fierce. She looks about to see whether anyone is looking. She is certain that others can see her heart pounding through her shirt. It's rapid and intense. With each beat … Continue reading Those Who Feel Too Much

BPD: Being Extremely Sensitive

If you have been professionally diagnosed or know someone who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), then this post will most likely ring true to you in every aspect. Yet, there are still many who haven't fully understood or accepted this fact. I'm going to put it out there... Having BPD means being … Continue reading BPD: Being Extremely Sensitive

Can They Understand Me?

Do you ever drive down the road and see someone in their vehicle looking as though they are singing to music? What about fellow grocery shoppers who seem to be talking to the piece of produce they are examining as they decide which one to place in their cart? Oh yes, you know what I'm … Continue reading Can They Understand Me?

A Top 10 Book (BPD)

Like so many, I enjoy curling up on the couch with a good book in hand (fiction or nonfiction). I settle into a relaxing and comfortable position knowing I have an hour or two to immerse myself into something magical (I hope). Long ago are the days of a frantic and dizzying pace of reading … Continue reading A Top 10 Book (BPD)

The Whirlwind of Depression

Feeling extremely tired, because I'm exhausted from feeling so tired. Feeling extremely exhausted, because I'm emotional from feeling so exhausted. Feeling extremely emotional, because I'm sad from feeling so emotional. Feeling extremely sad, because I'm in so much pain from feeling so sad. Feeling extremely painful, because I'm doubtful from feeling so much pain. Feeling … Continue reading The Whirlwind of Depression

Are You a Boy?

To be quite honest, one of the many issues I have struggled with my entire life is how I dress. Actually, it's not an issue about how I dress myself; it's an issue with how others perceive me based on my choice of dress. And let me be clear here that when I say how … Continue reading Are You a Boy?

The hardest thing I’ve ever done…

Friends who have spent a lot of time with me eventually ask me, "Why aren't you afraid of anything." You see, my friends get frustrated because just the slightest hint and I know I can do something maliciously fun to scare the crap out of them. It's all in good fun, of course! I have … Continue reading The hardest thing I’ve ever done…

The Days at the Beach

There's nothing like a walk along the beach, with the soft sand beneath your feet and the roaring sounds of the surf. As I walk along in the salty foam of the water, I watch the excited seagulls diving amongst the seaweed. Even though the days get hotter and I get more tired. I am still fascinated by … Continue reading The Days at the Beach